The following video clips are produced by the Museum
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Coastal Defences
A 1 minute sample from the DVD on Beach Restoration
Seaford Museum A 1 minute sample from the DVD of Seaford and its Museum
Heritage Open Days 2008
The 1st Foot Guards
A full 5 minute clip from the Heritage Open Days on 14 September 2008
Christmas Concert
2.5 minutes of The Brighton Male Voice Choir in St Peter's Church
with a variation of "Sussex by the Sea" for the Museum.
Heritage Open Days 2009
The 95th Rifles
A 2 minute sample of a 33 minute DVD available at the Museum
Seaford Line 150
7 June 2014
A 4 minute sample of a 24 minute video of the steam trains visiting Seaford for the 150 years celebration.
Video clips from other sources
Crying for my Town A 27 minute video about Seaford Towncriers and Seaford history
By Chris Conil
Audio clips
Audio Clip from Radio 4 An extract from "Front Row" of Tuesday, 10th March 2011, interviewing Grayson Perry about museums where he quoted that Seaford Museum was his favourite.
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