The Seaford Axe Hoard

Another book from the prolific writer. Rodney Castleden, who is a member of Seaford Museum where he spends many hours researching his material.

This is the fascinating story of the discovery and rediscovery of a unique prehistoric stone axe hoard. The 15 flint axes were found in 1986, but then forgotten and only displayed as a hoard in 2014, when their national importance was recognized. Hoards like this are very rare. Where were the axes made? By a remarkable coincidence, the factory where they were manufactured was also discovered in 2014, very close at hand. Neolithic Seaford is re-created in new maps. From all the evidence it is possible to reconstruct what it was like to live in Sussex five thousand years ago.

This book is in paperback form with 134
 pages of 15.6 x 23.4 cm portrait format

It is available from the Museum

ISBN - 978-0-244-66978-2      
Price £8.95