Seaford Museum Living History Project

Exclusively open to All 10 – 16 year-olds living in Seaford.

The Living History Project has been devised by the education department at Seaford Museum. We want to encourage all interested children and young people in Seaford, aged from 10 years old, through to, and including, 16 years old, to contribute regularly and anonymously to our Living History Project.

We want to see lockdown through their eyes – the good and the not so good times. We want to record the HISTORY OF TOMORROW – TODAY.

What does Living History Project mean?

Historians learn about the past through evidence. It is rare to have evidence from children and young people and that is why we have found a way to get a snapshot of lockdown from their perspective.

We are living through changing and challenging times; children and young people had a sudden exit from school, their clubs and their routines as well as reduced contact with family and friends. Many have found this a very anxious and challenging time, others less so, they are all individual and deserve the right to be heard.

We want to be able to tell their story, to preserve their story and to exhibit their story.

How will this work?

Once parents/carers have registered the child/young person, they will be allocated a number and all contributions will be under that number – no names. Full instructions and guidelines will be sent via email, once registered. Anonymity will be protected. The online registration form is at foot of this page.

Contact will be through the parent/carer via email from the museum email address:

The Living History Project will email out a ‘Talking Point’ to the parent/carer who registered the child/young person. This will be every few weeks during lockdown and full guidelines for completion and return or submissions will be included.

We want to find out about changing patterns for entertainment/interests, exercise, education, friends and family, views on lockdown, its impact and more. We will encourage contributions to be focussed though open questions, we may ask for photos, drawings etc, but always without people in them and always anonymously.

Not all young people/children will be able to contribute directly and we are happy for parent/carers to contribute on their behalf as we actively encourage all 10 – 16 year olds to be involved. Please just let us know that it is an adult completing the Talking Points on their behalf and why.

The aim is to continue the Living History Project for a year or so after lockdown restrictions finish: covering the full return to school/college, and for those who wish to continue, 2 x 6 monthly check in to see how lockdown has impacted in the following year.

Once the museum fully reopens, we may use contributions for exhibitions and research so that lockdown can be shown from the 10 – 16 year old perspective.

Please complete the online registration and join us NOW.

Our first Talking Point will be emailed out on Monday 18th May 2020 for submission back to us by Sunday 31st May.