On Blatchington Hill

This book is in paperback
form with 296  pages of
16 x 23.5 cm portrait format

It is available from the Museum

ISBN - 978-1-4478-5768-6     
Price £12.95

The story of a small Sussex Downland village is told for the first time. Using a wide range of sources, including historic maps, house histories, old letters and personal reminiscences, the complex history of East Blatchington emerges, with unexpected results.
The book reveals how close the village came to extinction in the Black Death, and how the ambition of the last squire led to many of the village's present-day problems.
Some extraordinary personalities reappear from the past. What emerges is an unexpectedly rich and colourful picture of an English village that has come close to being forgotten.
Over 90 black and white illustrations.

About The Author

The son of a crime-scene investigator, Rodney Castelden lives at Seaford and is a full-time writer.
His surveys on the Cerne Giant won a British Archaeological Award in 1996.
He writes about landscape, ancient hill figures, neolithic Britain, the bronze age Aegean and criminology. His interests range widely across the arts and sciences, and he wrote Winfrith, a music drama, to celebrate the Millennium at Brixworth in Northamptonshire.