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Wednesday 31st May
10:00pm to 12:00 noon in The Tower

Children’s Half Term Event
Exploring Textures from the Museum

No children without an adult
No adults without a child
Normal entry fees apply

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Wednesday 21st June
For Members only

Midsummer Event

A guided walk around Bishopstone by Philip Pople

Followed by Fish & Chips in the Village Hall
Tickets £12.50 from the Museum

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Continuing Events

"Forlorn and Widowed: Seaford 1815"

From 1793 to 1815, Britain was pitched into a titanic struggle with revolutionary France.
An estimated one in six males saw service and there was a massive boost to Britain’s economic and industrial might.
There was political and social unrest too.

But what was happening in Seaford during these years?
To celebrate the bicentenary of the Battle of Waterloo,
our new exhibition will give you a glimpse.

Opened 3 April 2015 - running through 2016/17.

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