Seaford Through Time

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ISBN - 978-1848685123      
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Half-way between Eastbourne and Brighton, the quiet Sussex town of Seaford is often overlooked as a holiday destination but it has an abundant and fascinating history.
Seaford's past looks down on the town, quite literally in the form of the Neolithic Hill Fort on the cliffs at Seaford Head. Over the centuries the town has been a bustling Cinque Port, a rotten borough, a quiet seaside backwater, a centre for education, a garrison town and a target for enemy action.
Seaford today is a residential town nestled between the sea and the South Downs National Park, however there are still clues to be found that point to the rich tapestry of its past.
In this book, local historian Kevin Gordon embarks on a nostalgic trip using old photographs and postcards to discover how the town has developed and changed.

About The Author

Kevin Gordon is very active in anything to do with the town of Seaford, in East Sussex. 
He regularly writes in the local newspapers, conducts town tours, presents illustrated talks, etc.  He is known as the Seaford Historian and is a member of the Seaford Museum and Heritage Society as "Chronicler".

After retiring from many years with the railway police, he devotes most of his time to research on the town and particularly its military history.