Who's Who

Hon. President:           Laurie Holland
Curatorial Mentors:     Ed Jarzembowski and Sally White

Museum Trustees

Chairman Kay Turvey
Vice-chairman Jane Keel
Secretary Mike Wright
Treasurer Clem Collins
Services Paul Bowler
Acquisitions Viv Haggis
Heritage David Swaysland
Chronicler Kevin Gordon
Housekeeping & Display Auditing Judith Marr
Archives Gail Armstrong
Housing Register Paul Waller

Other areas of Responsibility

Stewarding roster secretary Michael Staples
Membership secretary Reg Dove
Education Liz Hunter
Publicity Nick Hing
Electrical / Radios / TV / PA John Bond
Shop & Catering Hazel Henderson & Pauline Botting
Museum Liaison Kay Turvey
Computers Richard Ford
Security / Keys Charles Painter
Web Site Mick Barrett

Plus many others who give up their time to make the Museum a success by working as stewards and in work teams