The Society

The Seaford Museum and Heritage Society is a registered charity (No 1158790) and a registered museum (No 1497). The objectives of the Society are to inform and educate the public in the history and heritage of the town of Seaford and its environs and to seek to promote a greater understanding of the social history and background amongst its inhabitants and visitor. The Society is governed by its constitution dated 12 August 2014 and registered as a charitable incorporated organisation with the Charities Commission on October 2014, taking over the functions, along with the assets and liabilities of the original charity formed in 1972.

The Society is governed by trustees elected on a rotational basis at the annual general meeting. We are wholly dependent for our income received in the form of admission fees, sales, and membership subscriptions. We do not have any paid staff, operating with some 100 volunteers who undertake a myriad of tasks including stewarding, archiving, display management, construction and maintenance, publicity and administration.