The archives are open between 1.30 and 4 pm on the first Sunday in each month and can be examined by visitors in the company of a Museum Archivist.

The Museum has compiled several different archives of documentation and pictures. Much may be searched via computer databases in the museum. There are three basic archives:-

  • A classical database of all artefacts in the museum;
  • A database referring to the archived papers and pictures;
  • A housing registry.


The archive of documents, etc. is often used by visitors for research of past people or places in Seaford.  These may be accessed by appointment only and under the supervision of an archivist. Any material used for publication must be credited to Seaford Museum.

Housing Registry

This is an unusual facility to be held in a town museum. It is a register of nearly all houses in Seaford based mostly on information from the town estate agents as well as information from house owners. It has been assembled over several years by a team of volunteer helpers and includes photographs and lists of residents taken from the Electoral Registers. As above, access is by appointment but visitors may browse with an archivist on the first Sunday afternoon each month and other special events.